When you shoot a celebrity and you don’t know it.

In 2016 I shot this photo in Madrid. My friend Michael and I walked across an old vintage market. A market full of vintage stuff. We saw a lot of old vinyl records. My personel focus was on the people there. Always looking for some special and uniqe humans. 


Then I saw him. I waited till he noticed me. In this moment his left hand made this gesture. What a uniqe guy. I love it when people have enough self-confidence and express themselves. It is not easy today and very rare because we are all adjusted. I think someone like him wants to be seen. That's why I had no problem shooting the photo. 


I did not know that he was well known in Madrid. Willem Pieters the owner of the gallery De Rivier where I exhibit my work last year told me, his friend was the neighbor of the guy on the picture. His name is Paco Clavel. He is a singer and one of the biggest record collectors from Madrid.

Sometimes the world is a small place.


If anyone knows him I am looking forward to a contact with him. Maybe I meet him in personal next time in Madrid. Then I will give him a print. 


All you need is love